How to select the LED bulb

LED lights are widely used in recent years in the market, but the product quality is a mixed bag, prices vary greatly uneven; the consumer cannot tell which the quality products are. In this paper, I will share how to choose LED bulbs, everyone also can use this analogy in the purchase of other LED lamps, hoping that consumers can be inspired to buy real and practical products to illuminate their homes, to create a healthy eco-friendly life.

1. Before buy bulbs, you need to understand whether the bulb is home indoor or outdoor use, how much brightness is needed, how many watts of energy-saving lamps require replacement? Different places have different options so it do not waste the light source and purchase unnecessary costs; for example, the hallway or stairway lights in the bathroom and other general 3W is OK, but it also related to the place size. In relatively wide area, you should choose a bigger or more bulbs, the effect is better.

2. Select 1W high-power LED bulbs or 0.5W SMD chip LED lamp beads LED light. SMD light fade is smaller. High power LED costs are slightly higher, mainly to make relatively large wattage light. The lamps cost slightly less power but are relatively affordable;

3. When choose LED bulb, you must choose an aluminum heat sink shell, cannot choose plastic shade. LED lamp beads fear most is the temperature. Without good cooling conditions, it is difficult to ensure LED lamp life and lumen.

4. When changing LED lights. You should note the original lamp socket connector type. There are many international lamp models in the domestic, the common are E27.B22.E14.GU10.MR16 and so on.

LED auto light pro and cons

Nearly two years automotive design, LED auto lights are used more and more, while increase modern appearance to the car, but also are familiar by more people. New Audi A4 headlights group increases the LED lights elements, highlighting the stylish and also indicates the use of LED lights is major trends in the future of Audi design. But in terms of most models, LED auto lights are still used majority on the car taillights, and use on front headlights, turn signals is still very small, which has several key technical issues to be overcome.

First, let’s talk about the advantages of LED auto lights. LED is the acronym for light-emitting diode, which is a solid-state semiconductor, can convert electricity directly to light energy. It has high reliability, long life, high lumens per watt, fast response and other advantages. LED expectancy life is 50,000 hours, while the halogen lamps is 20,000 hours, ordinary incandescent is 3000 hours; it is rugged, less susceptible to shocks, the same energy can produce more light output; when the vehicle speed is 125km / h (ie 35 m sec), responsive LED brake lights can offer an early warning about eight meters from brake issue, effectively avoid accidents.

But there are some hard problem needs to resolve properly which restricts the development of LED auto lights. The key challenge is the problem of the self-heating problem of the LED, the majority of LED energy are converted into heat conduction rather than radiant heat, which cannot offer a good interior lighting. The more important is heat conduction cause the semiconductor LED temperature is too high, it is easily damaged; And the lumen of LED auto lights are not increase with the current growth, namely the brightness is not necessarily obvious increase while electricity is increase;

LED color will change with temperature, which may affect vision effect and the distance determination; current frequency may even cause frequent blinking light. Meanwhile, most of the countries relevant laws do not have much support on automotive LED lights, which also limits its development.

Needless to say, the use of high-brightness LED lighting will become one of the important future development direction of the car, after completely solve the existing difficulties in terms of technology, LED will eventually be widely used in automotive lighting.

Hotel lighting project

Conference room: (meeting room lighting design to improve the participants concentrated force)
The hotel’s meeting room should use the indirect lighting as the main lighting way, use LED ceiling light as the main lighting; podium space is relatively independent, you can use LED down lights and spotlights to enhance the atmosphere. The podium luminance and color temperature should be strengthened, illumination of audience area need to meet the writing requirements, so that the participants can concentrate on listening to a speech or meeting content; can provide appropriate lighting facilities on the desktop to facilitate notes.

Multi-purpose hall: (multi-purpose hall lighting changes to achieve different scenarios)
According to illumination area, the multi-purpose hall can be divided into the performance area (such as the stage), self-entertainment area (such as a dance floor, karaoke), viewing &dining area (such as the auditorium, banquet seats, public walkways). Hotel indoor lighting should grasp the overall light environment, such as brightness, light sources, light color, etc., commonly used lamps are ceiling recessed lights and down lights, with dark slots for local lighting lamps and LED wall light; while the accent lighting illumination can use angle adjustable lamps and multi-color light source, such as a stent lights, spotlights and lanterns, etc., to achieve the effect of different lighting scenes.

Star hotel, the multi-purpose hall lighting design and decor should highlights its high grade, such as install large crystal chandelier or LED ceiling light in the hall center, equipped with more intelligent dimming system, through the use of adjustable angle, high-power lamps to achieve light and dark has caused, layered effects, and pre-set flexibility to switch, color changing lighting scenes depending on the period of time.

Recreation area: (recreation area lighting embellishment space)
Recreational areas such as cafes and bars, you can use a combination of static and dynamic lighting techniques, to make room to be more dynamic. Basic lighting should adopt a stand or spotlights, with ceiling light for accent lighting, through clever lighting effects bring out the lively atmosphere of cafes, bars and deep feeling, giving it a different flavor.

Presidential suite lighting design with a full luxurious style:
The Presidential Suite is the highest grade-star hotel rooms, special receive illustrious guests, usually composed by five or more rooms, such as bedrooms, living room, office, meeting room and so on, the distinctive interior design, coupled with the luxury of LED lights, filling non-school ethos. Functionally speaking, the presidential suite is divided into five areas for sleeping, working, living, toilet, storage; lighting design should be adjusted for the function of each area.

1. Sleeping area:
Sleeping area is an area where guests can relax and the interior design should make people in comfortable, warm feeling, light environment must comply with a sense of security, visual comfort requirements, illumination can range from 50-100Lux, and coupled with dimming control system to meet different ages guests preferences. Basic lighting in this region are mostly used with decorative lamps and artistic subject, such as chandeliers, LED floor lamps, etc., plus with local lighting, such as mirror before lamps or bedside lamps, so as to provide enough light, average luminance is about 300Lux.

2, Office area:
Based on the needs of business or government affairs, office region should have bookcases, file cabinets, desks, sofas, for easy to handle official business and meeting guests. In general, the office area illumination is appropriate in 300Lux, which can meet the lighting needs of the guests and entourage. Desktop lighting mostly use local lighting, such as strong artistic design table light and LED wall light, to create a quiet, comfortable light environment, whichever fill light effect, but also to avoid visual fatigue.

3, Living area:
The living area such as living room, dining room, small bar, etc., is for guests entertainment, leisure, catering purposes, due to the different needs of different occasions and personalities, the requirements for light environment is different, mainly through its intelligent lighting control system, it allows guests according to their own preferences, at any time to transform light environment different scenarios; Meanwhile, the control system will automatically adjust the brightness of the room according to changes of the indoor environment, maintain the best lighting effects. As for the distribution of all kinds different parts of the district crafts or decorations, you can use LED spotlights for accent lighting, make indoor levels richer.

LED light interior lighting application

Human production and live cannot process without lighting. Electric lighting creates a new era of human civilization. Electric light is required for electric energy illumination. The great inventor Thomas Edison invented the first generation of electric light —- incandescent lamps. As technology advances, electric light experienced incandescent, fluorescent, high intensity discharge lamps three times; luminous efficiency becomes higher and higher, people’s lives also become more colorful.

In recent years, due to the advances of semiconductor optoelectronic technology, a new generation of light-emitting — light emitting diodes efficiency has a rapid increase which heralded the arrival of a new era of light. Currently, commercialization light-emitting efficiency white LED has reached 120lm / w, which is far more than the15lm / w incandescent lamp and 60lm / w fluorescent. This indicator is also more than 80lm / w of rare earth trichromatic fluorescent lamps, approaching light efficiency 140lm / w sodium.

View from the LED technology potential and the development trend, the luminous efficiency will certainly reach 200lm / w or more, which is higher than the current most efficient high intensity discharge lamps, to become the world’s brightest light. Therefore, the industry believes that semiconductor lighting will create the fourth revolution in the lighting industry. Since the LED safety, long life, color variety, not afraid of flashing, easy-control advantages, in some cases application, it can form a comprehensive cost advantage, actually it has started successfully applied in indoor lighting.

LED indoor lighting applications advantages:
1, the dynamic control of brightness and color is easy which can fully meet the market demand of high-end interior mood lighting, artistic effect is very good, which is one of the biggest advantages of LED when compared to the traditional lighting.

2. Small size
LED can achieve building organic integration, reaching the light hidden illumination effect, and you can easily achieve a variety of flexible modeling, which provides a new way of thinking for the interior lighting design.

3, Long life
Good heat dissipation high-power LED light actual life is several times or even dozens time to the generally light source which has great advantage in certain occasions that needs 24 hours and those that light replacement is not inconvenient

4, the beam does not contain infrared and ultraviolet light which is especially for museums, galleries, libraries, cosmetics shops, jewelry stores and other professional venues to meet the special requirements of a particular item display lighting.

Integrated LED Tube T5 600MM 10W 900LM SMD2835 Cool White Milky Cover

Base: T5
LED Power: 10W
Voltage: AC100-240V
LED Type: SMD2835
LED Qty: 72
Luminous Flux: 900LM
Color: Cool White
Color Temperature: 6000-6500K
Beam Angle: 120 Degree
CRI: ≥75
Material: Aluminum Alloy + PC
Lampshade: Milky
Product Size: 600x25x40mm
Life-span: 20000 hrs
Warranty: 2 Years

Packaging List:
25xLED Tube
25xLamp Holder
50xCir Clip

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