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Best Seller — LED Candle Bulb E14 4.5W 10*5630SMD 370Lm

Connector: E14
Color: Warm White
Color Temperature: 2700-3200K
Wattage: 4.5W
Light Source: SMD5630
LED Quantity: 10
Voltage: AC100-240V
Luminous Flux: 370 Lm
CRI: Ra≥80
Body Color: Silver
Material: Aluminum Alloy & Optical Plastics
Certificate: CE & RoHS
Product Size: 26*138mm
Lifetime: 35000 hours
Warranty: 2 Years

Packaging List:
2*LED Candle Bulb

These light bulbs deliver smoother, more uniform light distribution, enabling them to be used in a wide variety of applications.

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20% Off Sitewide, Plus a Surprise Easter Deal

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Special use and shopping advice of LED light

White LED bulbs with high-performance, there is leadership in the low-power markets (such as flashlights, solar garden lights and pedestrian lights, bicycle lights, etc.). Monochrome LED lights are commonly used to make traffic lights and festive lighting.

2010, LED lights has become a hot topic in horticulture and agriculture. U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration pioneered the use of LED lights planted in space, and is followed by household and commercial indoor gardening. These special lamps is specially designed planting, which happens to be the chlorophyll absorbs light wavelength, and promote the growth of the remainder, also reduced the plant does not absorb light, resulting in waste. In the visible spectrum, photosynthesis just red and blue, so these lights design has theses two colors. Compared to similar products, these LED lights can provide the same luminosity, without ballast, and the heat is much less than the gas discharge lamp, which is very suitable for indoor planting. Less heat to reduce transpiration, thus reduce the number of irrigation. Because of this, the use of these grow lights, it is not need too irrigation.  anty881209wong 140409

Shipping guides
1. buy the “three guarantees” promised LED lamps, buy lamps have CCC certification mark;
2. focus on the LED product identification is complete or not, the product should be formal identification;
3.the LED lamp power cord for CCC safety certification mark;
4. find whether the live parts of the lamp is exposed or not, when the light source is installed into the holder, the fingers should not touch live metal cap;
5. find if the LED chip on the accurate orientation, the lens or screen is worn.

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1: Waterproof LED Flood Light 200W 18000Lm Warm White-Black(85-265V)

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3: LED Flood Light 100W 8000Lm Cool White Light(110-220V,Grey)

4:  55x3W AC85-264V LED Grow Light

5: 75x5W AC85-264V LED Grow Light


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