An overview of LED string light products

LED string lights products use the advanced LED semiconductor chip as light-emitting components, through scientific water treatment process, to make luminous characters easy to install, reduce installation costs, greatly improve quality, reduce bad loss, with bi-taking holder, equipment, the maintenance is easier, solve the difficult problem of LED engineering and maintenance, which is an environmentally friendly energy-saving, high technology content, simple and bright, lighting and decorative lighting to replace the traditional decorative night lighting, dedicated to luminous three-dimensional characters within a variety of logos, decorative landscape design, building lighting source.

2, LED string lights waterproof description and features:
Waterproof LED string light is relative to a whole new set outdoor display media, outdoor signs and outdoor luminous besides the traditional neon signs, light boxes, signs and magnetic flap and LED display, which combine decoration and landscaping in one.
1) DC voltage 5V, quite safe for use.
2) Waterproof LED string light full play the advantages of point light sources: any combination, reflecting the arbitrariness.
3) Easy installation reduces installation costs. Greatly improve quality, reduce bad loss.
4) bi-taking remove and install, make maintenance easier. Solve the difficult problem of LED engineering and maintenance.
5) Scientific waterproof treatment program, mainly use for the production of large-scale outdoor advertising signs, no soldering, no gluing!
6) Waterproof LED light strings completely without high temperature welding, so waterproof LED strings light quality with assurance.
7) Installation is simple: drilling in metal or other material: diameter is 9mm, insert one by one, the waterproof LED strings light positive (red line) linked together, the negative linked together, received Hyderabad Lee’s designed with the LED power (DC5V optional).
8) With a high-brightness LED chips, per square meter brightness can reach 1000-2000CD.
9) energy-efficient display media, power consumption is only equivalent to 10%, with an average power consumption of less than 20W / M2.
10) there is no noise pollution, and because the operating voltage is only DC5V, would never produce on the surrounding electromagnetic interference.

LED light illuminate

After Edison 1879 invents the carbon filament incandescent, lighting technology has entered a new era. Recalling to the history of the 20th century lighting, fluorescent lamps, mercury lamps, high / low pressure sodium, metal halide lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, high-frequency and microwave electrode less fluorescent and other new sources emerge in endlessly. Incandescent are born with congenital defects, tungsten heating high power consumption, light bulbs is fragile and easy to make electric shock. While saving energy is more saving than incandescent fluorescent, but unfavorable to human vision, the mercury inside is harmful to humans and the environment. Really cause a qualitative change in lighting technology is LED light. Compared with traditional lighting technologies, the biggest difference of LED is the different structures and materials; it is a semiconductor that can convert electrical energy into visible light, upper and lower layers with electrodes, the middle is conductive material, the illuminated material in the two electrodes mezzanine, the color of light is depending on the material properties vary.

LED are all solid cold light source, smaller in size, lighter, with more robust construction, and low operating voltage, practical and long life. According to the usual definition of luminous efficiency, LED luminous efficiency is not high, but the LED spectrum almost all concentrated in the visible light spectrum, efficiency is up to 80% to 90%. The visible efficiency equivalent incandescent light efficiency is only 10% to 20%, monomer LED’s power is generally 0.05 ~ 1W, to meet the different needs through the cluster approach.

LED as a new green product, is an inevitable trend of future development, the 21st century will enter the new era of LED lighting represented.

LED wall washer light parameters

LED wall washer light voltage is 220V, 110V, 24V, 12V, so we should pay attention to the corresponding voltage when selecting a power. Another 18V, 36V, both due to the transformers in the market is relatively less, not easy to find the match transformer, it is generally use 24V or 12V low pressure.

Working temperature:
Because wall washer light is typically used outdoors, so this argument becomes more important, on the temperature requirements are relatively high.
Protection class:
An important parameter for LED wall washer light is also an important indicator of the impact guardrail quality, we want to carry out strict requirements, and we use it for outdoor, IP65 waterproof rating is required. Also requires the relevant pressure resistance, chipping resistance, high temperature, flame, impact of aging grade.
IP 56:
Number 5 represent completely prevent dust entering: wash with water without any harm.

For LED wall washer light, the currently have two control modes: both internal and external control. Internal control is the controller that does not need to connect externally. The designer install the control system in wall lights inside, the extent of the effect cannot be changed. External control is an external controller; the effect can be adjusted through the master keys and change the effect. Usually in large projects, the customer can require change the effect, we are using external control such programs. There are a lot of wash wall directly support DMX512 control system.

Reflective glass lens, light transmission rate is 98-98%, easy to spray, anti-UV radiation.

Generally use 1W, 3W LED as the light source, but due to technical immaturity, in 2013 the market is relatively common use 1W, when 3W emit more heat, the light fades is slow.

The default unit length is 1 m, due to the shell is pulled out from the high temperature aluminum model, it can be customized for length, but width and height cannot change according to customer requirements, unless re-open mode, but the mold is expensive, manufacturers and customers generally do not will adopt re-open mode, except for special circumstances.

LED ceiling light heat dissipation

LED ceiling light use small power LED lamp beads; the arrangement is dispersed, which help dissipate heat. Ceiling structure characteristics is conducive to cooling.

a) Inside air is free flow with no blocking. This is the biggest advantages of LED ceiling light when compared to other fixtures. Sealed without air circulation is very good thermal insulation properties, in turn, a free flow of air is the best heat sink. All the world’s hot objects at last dissipate the heat into the air. because there are a lot of holes in the LED ceiling light, so the ceiling lamp shade, the heat generated by the LED lamp can be passed through the air immediately to go outside.

b) Shade can be good for heat dissipation. We know that the convection and heat radiation is primary to materials and area, whereas the plastic is a good heat radiation effect, and the thickness of the shade is thin, so that the thermal influence of the plastic can be ignored.

c) Large area: according to circular area calculated: S = πr2, or S = π (d / 2) 2, for a 45cm diameter circular LED ceiling light, its bottom area is 1590cm2. Ceiling as usually installed in the room, not too high temperature, so that the empirical data can be used 40cm2 / W, and so can be dispersed to 40W. However, due to the bottom board near the ceiling, is not easy to dissipate heat, so the actual cooling effect of the floor will be a lot worse. Because the shade is curved, and its area is larger than a circular, its installation is downwardly, without any barrier, so the heat radiating effect is better than the bottom.

d) The key question is to make LED lamp beads aluminum plate or PCB copper area large enough.
Experiments show that, for ceiling less than 30W, the ordinary PCB can be a good heat dissipation, and to take advantage of the free circulation of air. Both sides of the PCB take the heat away, so it do not need to put aluminum plate or PCB thermal plastic close to the floor through to the heat, but should leave the backplane PCB booster 5mm, so that air circulation.

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