Eight major points to extend the LED lights life

Compared with conventional lighting, LED lighting still is developing new products; so many consumers do not fully understand on how to install the LED lights. Problems may occur during the installation of LED lights which will lead you cannot use, so how to properly use and install LED lights to extend the service life of LED lights, is what we also need to understand. When install the LED lights, you should make sure to install in the correct method, if excessive distortion or use incorrect installation methods, it is likely to cause damage to the lights, reduce the service life of lights, which is not conducive to the maintenance of lights.

1. Power connection method: LED lights general voltage is DC 12V, so it need to use switching power supply, you should choose the power size according the power supply connection length. If you do not want to control each LED lights with a power supply, you can buy a relatively large switching power supply, and then put all the LED lights input power in parallel (if wire size is not enough, then you can additionally extend), unified by the total switching power supply. The benefits are you can centrally control, convenient place is single LED lights lit effect and switching control cannot be achieved. You can employ to measure the specific manner by yourself.

2. Each meter has a “scissors” mark, you can only cut in the mark, wrong cut or partial cut will lead to a meter does not shine! It is best to look carefully the mark position before you cut, according to the middle place that do not connect.

3. Note the LED lights connection distance: In general, 3528 series LED lights connection distances is up to 20 meters, 5050 series LED lights maximum connection distance is 15 meters. If you exceed this connection distance, the LED lights are easy to heat, will affect the LED lights service life in the use process. Therefore, you must install according to the manufacturer’s requirements, should not make LED lights overload operation.

4. Each light must be equipped with a special plug (a plug with a transformer), when connect, be sure to remove the plastic cover, and then cover it after connect and test light. Do not connect directly with cover, which is easy to short circuit.

5. Outdoor installation: due to outdoor installation will withstand wind and rain, if use 3M adhesive fix, then, for a long time, the LED lights off because 3M adhesion decrease, so outdoor installation often use slot fixed way, the local place that needs cut and connect, methods is similar with indoor installation, just need another with waterproof glue to reinforce waterproof connection points.

6. Indoor installation: when LED lights are used for interior decoration, since do not need to withstand wind and rain, so installation is very simple. Take LED strip lights as example, each LED lights are affixed with self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive, when install, you can tear the sticker on the 3M double sided tape surface, then fixe the LED strip light in installation place and flat it.

7. Controller connection: LED ticker tape and RGB lights all need to use the controller to achieve the changing effects, and each controller control distance is not the same, in general, a simple controller control distance is 10 to 15 meters, remote controller control the distance is 15-20 meters, the longest you can control is up to 30 meters away. If the LED strip lights connection distance is longer, but the controller cannot control the lights for so long, then you need to tap with the power amplifier.

8. LED strip lights are usually installed on light trough, put straight on it, you can also use a string or thin wire for fixation. For exterior or vertical loading, you need another child and tail plug. The original clip is fully transparent, if it is installed outdoors, it is best to install waterproof plastic glass marked after the end of the plug so it is more waterproof.

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How to install LED ceiling light by yourself

As the continues popular of home decoration, LED ceiling lights are also changes with each passing day, no longer confined to the front single lamp, and develop to diversified, absorbing the chandelier luxury style, and the ceiling easy installation, avoid the lower room cannot hold large luxury lighting defects. LED ceiling light body is mounted directly on the roof, suitable for overall lighting, typically used for the living room and bedroom.

1. When install LED ceiling light in masonry structures, you should use embedded bolts or expansion bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs to fix and cannot use the wedge. And the carrying capacity of the stationary member should match the weight of ceiling lamps, to ensure the ceiling lamps is fixed solid, reliable, and extend its life.

2. When use the expansion bolt, should choose bolt specifications according to the technical requirements, the hole diameter and depth to be buried in line with the bolt specifications.

3. The number of fixed lamp holder fixing bolts should not less than the number of holes in the base of the lamp, and the bolt and aperture diameter should match; for the lamp that has no fixed mounting holes on the base (when installing self drilling), each fixture fixing bolts or screws should not less than two, and the center gravity and the center gravity should match to the lamp bolts or screws coincide; only when the diameter of the insulation below 75mm, it can use one bolt or screw fixing.

4.LED ceiling light cannot be directly mounted on flammable objects, some families lining paint plywood behind the LED ceiling light for aesthetic, in fact, this is very dangerous, insulation measures must be taken; if the lamp surface temperature near combustible materials, cooling measures should be taken.

Why LED lighting is so popular on the market?

With the development of the industry, now living habits has changed, and even a necessity at home fluorescent lights are change with social, as we now know the lighting is no longer the former kind of incandescent. Now the electric light is energy saving, such as LED lamp, LED ceiling light, LED lamp, the lamp used in different places also would not like. With the development of LED lighting good trend, we should learn the difference between LED lighting and other general lighting? Why LED lighting is so popular in the market? These are all we need to be properly investigated, in order to make LED lighting industry, we need to do many.

The biggest difference between LED lighting and traditional lighting is that LED lighting is a completely electronic products, it is real, and for the traditional lighting was just a electrical products. Their essence is not the same. Therefore, LED lighting can be easily linked with various types of sensors, which feature LED lighting very powerful, which fully reflects the degree of concern in real life LED lighting is relatively high, and thus is very popular.

Ordinary lighting is impossible energy-saving, although now every family not lack of money, the choice of energy-saving lamps can save a lot of money each month, so we took the rest of the money can do a lot of things. And because of the general lighting contains mercury and lead, these two things has played a significant role in the environment contamination, so that in order to protect human health and the environment, we have to choose LED lighting, because it is energy-saving and environmental protection.

Through the above analysis we can see, in real life, to promote environmental protection, human beings also have this awareness, so that the choice for LED lighting is necessary, we want to promote a green environment, the market also needs LED lighting, the next few in LED lighting will be rapid development, the future is a bright!

Home lighting design analysis

In life, a lot of people around us excessive use energy-saving lamps, often overlooked the use of energy-saving lamps designed based on the home’s atmosphere. Three Mistakes usual home lighting design is as follows:

1, the excessive use of energy-saving lamps, ignores the role of lighting in terms of creating a family atmosphere. Energy saving lamp is actually a fluorescent, although it is power saving, but there are fluorescent lamp disadvantages that is too cool white light. Therefore, from the home warm atmosphere creating perspective, the excessive use of energy-saving lamps is clearly unreasonable. But use LED light can avoid this problem on home lighting.

2, many people blindly use LED spotlights. Spotlights is for accent lighting, there is emphasis on the role of exhibits, spotlights mounted on the ceiling makes ceiling too much eye-catching, lighting effects on other objects is relatively weakened.

3, many people prefer crystal lamps, think it is a symbol of style. European countries residential, its ceiling height is at least 3.5 meters above while the domestic residential ceiling height is generally 3 meters or less, if you do not consider the situation, blindly use crystal lamps, crystal lamps that not only can not show grace style, but will result in a feeling of constriction, counterproductive.

Changing room with light shades skills
If people can grasp the basic knowledge of science of LED light and color, and then combined space size, furniture, all kinds of room functional requirements, lighting and dark colors with each other and other conditions, well-designed arrangements, they will add room with unlimited fun and many unexpected artistic effect.

Common lamp shade has warm and cool white; you can use it to adjust the perception of indoor light color. For example, install a warm color of incandescent lamp in the middle of room, plus a beautiful shape milky translucent glass, the light it emits is warm, clear, calm, quiet, gives a fresh and elegant feeling; For the partial cool white light colors, use a dark form as reflected illumination light treatment, it can make low or small room look bright, open.