Several problems the LED tube application face

LED tube will gradually appear in indoor lighting, but now the domestic production LED tube mostly is export, only a few is domestic use. In this problem, a lot of problems is highlighted. The most important issue is the price, which result LED lamp now major is commercial lighting based.

1, drive power constant current problem. Because the current between the LED wicks is different, improper use is likely to cause the light fades, so that greatly reduce the life span.

2, Heat dissipation, whether LED lights or LED display, heat dissipation is a more important problem, the heat dissipation problem is now the LED enterprises must face.

3, the power module instability and product safety certification problem, now because our country has not issued a LED lighting certification requirements standard, so many things are needed LED manufactures to understand, perfect.

4, Structure, supposedly, LED tube so called since its structure should be certain fluorescent appearance, even length, thickness are the same, and even call also T8, T5, there is no discussion can be. In fact, it is not. LED tube in this area has take a lot of detours, is worthy of letters.

5, life, we know that low-power LED lights life is very long, but when the LED is used as a lighting device since, LED life problem was raised. In fact, it depends entirely on the life of the LED junction temperature. As long as the junction temperature low enough, LED’s life expectancy increased to more than one hundred thousand hours is not a problem.

How to judge the quality of microwave LED tube

Microwave sensor LED tube should be composed of five parts: high-quality LED chip, low-voltage constant current power supply, suitable heat sink isolation, soft light diffusion effects shade and radar sensor sensitivity.

1: LED chips are important:
Good LED chips are with high luminous efficiency, low temperature, high color rendering index, the junction temperature is high, anti-static. The most crucial point is the sensor sensitivity. Cooling is important: if only emphasizes LED cold light source, no need heat dissipation, it was a complete mistake. Before the development of truly low heat dissipation LED chips, LED without quality radiator, then it’s life may a lot shorter than existing ordinary energy-saving lamps! Because the light fades near to 70% of the initial luminous flux, it has to identify the end of the LED energy saving lamp life.

2: The power is important:
The hot and humid resistance, the flies high pressure safety (UL), the flies electromagnetic compatibility (EMC / EMI) are also some hard targets, and also determines the real life of the LED energy saving lamp. On the barrel effect, the power is probably the radar sensor LED lamp short board.

3: cooling tubes are also important:
General specifications are now 0.5-0.8mm thickness three-year warranty tubes, oval shape with large space, the cooling effect is relatively good, aluminum material is also critical, and some are pure aluminum heat sink, the thermal conductivity is up to 1.2.

4: Shade is critical:
Shade is a secondary light LED energy saving lamp. There is without shade, transparent shade, frosted shade and white shade, light diffusers shape. Quality LED energy-saving lamps often use diffusion material, while the LED light reaches the lamp, the light is spread around, the LED light source is unseen, LED energy-saving lamps become a big light, illuminated object is not made false and light diffusion type shade generally light transmittance of more than 80% effective.

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LED light fixture bring new development for the hotel lighting

Since the 21st century, the hotel is one of the commercial lighting industry with the highest capacity, the variety sizes hotel bring a lot of pressure for social consumption and the environment. But with the LED enter into the lighting field, the emergence of various LED lighting energy efficiency in various industries has brought new hope the deterioration of environmental mitigation.

1. The renovated hotel with LED lighting has many advantages, high luminous efficacy, energy saving, life also has great advantages, these advantages largely reduce a lot of costs for the hotel, so, we conclude that LED lighting is the most suitable practical lighting fixtures for hotel. Expert survey said the hotel lighting applications will also become trade breakthrough of LED indoor lighting products.

2, LED hotel lighting will play a greater role in promote the development of the LED lighting industry, hotel lighting systems open 24 hours, compared to other lamps, its energy-saving effect will be relatively obvious, energy-saving is the most powerful driving force to promote the development of industry. According to experts, as people has LED lighting consumption habits, LED lighting products will become the preferred hotel lighting, and more worthy of recognition, the energy-efficient ability of LED lighting products will be the hotel industry enhance profits point, LED hotel lighting, inject new vitality for more and more competitive environment.

3,21 world has more lighting products, more hotels, more industries added to LED lighting energy saving, promote the development of the industry, promote the implementation of the national energy saving, effective protection of our environment. In the future, LED lamps are being used in various industries.

How to select the LED spotlight?

With the rapid development of LED technology, the luminous efficiency enjoy continuous improvement, LED lighting technology is also developing rapidly. LED spotlight is now almost an alternative to traditional halogen based. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lighting has a significant advantage in terms of energy efficiency and long life. With the lower cost of LED spotlights, LED lighting applications are gradually begun to spread. In current stage, LED spotlights mainly as an alternative to traditional halogen-based, mostly refer to the relevant safety requirements of traditional lighting requirements, and according to the characteristics of LED lights, the formation of a safety certification standards. Currently, certification of LED spotlights, international European CE and UL certification in North America is the major, mainly in China can be voluntary certification (CQC). Current LED spotlights main optics (lens, reflector), LED light, radiator, mask, cap these parts.


First, we discuss LED spotlights optics (lens, reflector), divided into 30 degrees and 60 degrees two kinds. We can select different angles spotlights size according to their different purposes, the illuminated area, and irradiated site.


The follow is the LED spotlight light source, which is chips, LED lamps heart. Chips are generally divided into three types: red, green, blue (white light produced raw materials). Which blue chip is also known as sapphire, is currently the best LED chips. Further down is the electrode, play a very important role in the LED light source, the power of conduction, LED chip power loss is related to the conductive metal used. Generally on the market aluminum is used more common, some copper conductor metal, and the best conduction strongest performance is 99K gold electrode current, with lowest power consumption, can promote the life of the LED chip.


Then is the light body and face mask of LED spotlights. Currently the best LED light body material is ceramics, so you can ensure the heat LED luminary generated can pass out timely to ensure that within the LED lamps life, it is not easy damage because the too high heat.


Last is the LED spotlights cooling, the material determines the cooling effect of LED lamps, most manufacturers use aluminum radiator materials, organic processing and molding and other means. In the structural design, the manufacturers in order to increase the cooling capacity of spotlights, usually adopt fin approach. A good heat sink can effectively improve the LED life.