How to select the LED spotlight?

With the rapid development of LED technology, the luminous efficiency enjoy continuous improvement, LED lighting technology is also developing rapidly. LED spotlight is now almost an alternative to traditional halogen based. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lighting has a significant advantage in terms of energy efficiency and long life. With the lower cost of LED spotlights, LED lighting applications are gradually begun to spread. In current stage, LED spotlights mainly as an alternative to traditional halogen-based, mostly refer to the relevant safety requirements of traditional lighting requirements, and according to the characteristics of LED lights, the formation of a safety certification standards. Currently, certification of LED spotlights, international European CE and UL certification in North America is the major, mainly in China can be voluntary certification (CQC). Current LED spotlights main optics (lens, reflector), LED light, radiator, mask, cap these parts.


First, we discuss LED spotlights optics (lens, reflector), divided into 30 degrees and 60 degrees two kinds. We can select different angles spotlights size according to their different purposes, the illuminated area, and irradiated site.


The follow is the LED spotlight light source, which is chips, LED lamps heart. Chips are generally divided into three types: red, green, blue (white light produced raw materials). Which blue chip is also known as sapphire, is currently the best LED chips. Further down is the electrode, play a very important role in the LED light source, the power of conduction, LED chip power loss is related to the conductive metal used. Generally on the market aluminum is used more common, some copper conductor metal, and the best conduction strongest performance is 99K gold electrode current, with lowest power consumption, can promote the life of the LED chip.


Then is the light body and face mask of LED spotlights. Currently the best LED light body material is ceramics, so you can ensure the heat LED luminary generated can pass out timely to ensure that within the LED lamps life, it is not easy damage because the too high heat.


Last is the LED spotlights cooling, the material determines the cooling effect of LED lamps, most manufacturers use aluminum radiator materials, organic processing and molding and other means. In the structural design, the manufacturers in order to increase the cooling capacity of spotlights, usually adopt fin approach. A good heat sink can effectively improve the LED life.



How to choose outdoor travel LED flashlight?

When we conduct outdoor sports, outdoor LED flashlight is essential equipment. It not only helps us to look outside the complex environment in the dark night, but also to protect our own security. What details we should pay attention to when buy the outdoor flashlight?

Choose a light source: LED flashlight, as the name implies, the light source is LED, generally recommended outdoor venues use is CREE LED, which has a lot strong radiation from the general LED light, slow decay, life can be up to one hundred thousand hours.

Power supply options: outdoor space requires a strong endurance, so we generally recommend use lithium rechargeable batteries, which can be washed cells have low energy consumption, much longer average life span compared to the general rechargeable battery which can be recharged 500 times or more. So the battery can be a variety of choices, but also can easily supplement electricity.

Observe the work detail: Because of each diode LED flashlight circuit board are connected by welding, so observe whether the welding is firm or not is very important, if not strong, Weld affect the entire flashlight use. Flashlight in the work area, now is pretty good.

Shockproof, waterproof: one LED flashlight can be applied to outdoor areas must be shockproof, waterproof. shockproof is durable, waterproof to prevent water from entering the board, while LED flashlight can be considered as electronic products. So we can observe whether the flashlight screwed is opening or tight, as well as details of the slit are tight. Shockproof aspects technology is pretty good, now aluminum is almost enough.

Observe the flashlight’s Aperture: whether Aperture is a uniform circle or not determine a LED flashlight quality standards. Electric bead condenser our requirements is also the try to focus on at one point, currently on the market already there are a lot all OK the zoom up.

Analytic LED panel lights dimming way

As eco-friendly LED panel light, in addition has the same effect with other lighting fixtures, there is a regular incandescent do not have special properties – dimmable, dimmable LED panel light use scope is wider than ordinary lamps, and also play a greater function in energy conservation.

In 2010 the country’s total electricity consumption reached 2.7 trillion degrees, which only lighting electricity alone is about 300 billion degrees, if use LED panel lights that energy consumption is only one-third of traditional lighting, then its energy-saving effect is self-evident, and therefore have dimming features LED panel light is more welcomed by consumers.

Dimming technology reduces the output power, will significantly improve the working environment for LED panel lights, extended lamp life and improved reliability. The key factors affecting the reliability of LED panel light is temperature.

Whether LED chips or LED drive power, the higher the ambient temperature, its lifetime and reliability would drop dramatically. When the ambient temperature is 25 ℃ LED power life is up to 320,000 hours, and when the temperature rises to 60 ℃ when, LED panel light power life will be shortened to only 35,000 hours.

The higher the temperature, LED chip light failure was also significantly increased. LED light failure is closely related to its junction temperature, the so-called junction temperature is the temperature of the semiconductor PN junction, the higher junction temperature, LED light source light failure occurs sooner, that is, the shorter the life span.

If the junction temperature is 105 ℃, the brightness down to 70% LED panel lamp life is only more than ten thousand hours; 95 ℃ junction temperature, the LED panel lamp life is 20,000 hours; and the junction temperature drops to 75 ℃, life can be long reach 50,000 hours, 65 ℃ the life expectancy can be extended to 90,000 hours. In summary, to extend the life of LED panel light, the key is to reduce the junction temperature.

Dimming technology along with reduced power output, power supply will reduce their losses, the shell temperature will drop at the same time. When the ambient temperature is 25 ℃ full output, the case temperature is 50 ℃, while use dimming technology to control, the output power is only 50%, the shell temperature dropped to 40 ℃, life will be doubled, reliability can be increased by 25% – 40%.

Dimming technology rapidly development will bring LED lighting dimming system into a new field, so make the green energy saving LED panel lighting applications has a large-scale popularization and promotion.

Dimmable LED desk lamp

This LED desk light design is simple and elegant, which can be well matched with the modern home environment. The overall use polished technology, make the product more upscale in temperament. And the appearance colors, there are elegant black, ivory, elegant purple option; personalized color can better collocation with home environment.

Product can be multi-angle rotation; can achieve the well lighting exploration, multi-angle lighting, or reverse mobile lighting, not only can adapt to the different lighting angles needs, but also save space. Average intensity can reach 300 more fan radius, with wide illumination range, no dead ends.

Flat folding table lamp has a very good business and modern sense, can be flexible with the home desk or office desk. Simple buttons and lines make the lighting is definitely the preferred partner for business work.

The LED light guide light plate is uniformity, area illumination is wide. The LED side light technology makes the light softer, ideal for reading or work study. There are six-speed touch dimmer switch, can also be used as a night light.

This LED desk light set up six different illumination dimming speed to satisfy different environment, different lighting reading habit needs. There are warm white and cold white colors to choose from, to meet different user habits, different seasons and atmosphere lighting needs.

Products use the national patent of “bionic soft technology” in order to protect the reader vision. Addition to the thermal design, avoid prolonged caused hot lights.

This LED desk light overall design has good balance between the special reading or learning needs, such as setting the different stalls brightness, adjustable angle, as well as a wide lighting range and without dead ends. In addition, patent soft bionic technology, when use light reading, it is more comfortable, and to protect the eyes, anti-fatigue function.


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